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Availability and reliability monitoring for e-Infrastructures

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Main Features

Modular architecture

ARGO Platform

ARGO Components. Modular architecture.

At its core, ARGO uses a flexible monitoring engine, a powerful analytics engine and a high performance API.

Embracing a modular, pluggable architecture, ARGO can easily support a wide range of architectures.

Out of the box: connectors for POEM, GOCDB, BDII and Gstat.

Horizontal scaling

ARGO Messaging. Horizontal scaling.

ARGO Monitoring Engine can publish monitoring results in real time to any message broker service, which supports the STOMP or AMQP protocol.

Monitoring result collectors can listen on the message broker service, retrieve the results and forward them to the compute engine.

ARGO Messaging.Horizontal scaling.

Scalable Availability and Reliability computations

ARGO Compute Engine

Compute Engine. Availability and Reliability computations.

Metric profiles
define which metrics are relevant for a specific type of service
Multiple Topologies
can describe simple and complex infrastructures
Multiple Availability Profiles
for flexible definition of business logic
Support of downtimes
allows us to define whether a service is supposed to be unavailable or not?
Custom factors
because not all services have the same importance from SG B
White listing of monitoring sources
Re-computations on demand