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This page presents the reference card for node sam-nagios

Services running

Service Nagios
Service description The Nagios service itself. It periodically checks services and keeps their status.
Init scripts /etc/init.d/nagios (start - stop)
Daemons Nagios: /usr/bin/nagios -d /etc/nagios/nagios.cfg
Configuration /etc/nagios
Logs /var/log/nagios
Service Apache
Service description  
Daemons httpd: /usr/sbin/httpd
Configuration /etc/httpd
Logs /var/log/httpd
Service msg-to-handler
Service description Service for retrieving WN metric results from the Message Brokers
Daemons httpd: /usr/sbin/msg-to-handler
Configuration /etc/msg-to-handler.conf
Logs /var/log/messages

Open ports

Port/Protocol Description
80/tcp Used by httpd (Required for the MyWLCG/MyEGI interface)
443/tcp Used by httpd (Required for the nagios interface which requires authentication)

Useful files

The NCG configuration is stored at:

  • /etc/ncg/

The contents of this folder define the way in which NCG is going to find the topology and the available metrics and metricsets which are used to create the Nagios configuration.

Cron jobs

Job Description
httpd-graceful Periodically sends a graceful event to httpd in order to update the ACLs
atp-sync Synchronization of ATP
broker-cache-file Periodically checks for the available brokers in the BDII
msg-to-handler.chk Periodically checks if msg-to-handler connection is stuck and restarts it if needed
poem-sync Synchronization of POEM
sam-sync Periodically re-populates the Nagios and MRS configuration (mrs-bootstrapper). Runs periodically but only if the ncg init script has run with "start" parameter.
send-to-dashboard Sends alarms to Operatios dashboard for all services in OK status
voms-htpasswd Downloads the DN list from ATP for the configured VOs and creates an htpasswd file for apache. Runs periodically but only if the voms-htpasswd init script has run with "start" parameter.
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