Probe is code which implements single or multiple tests. All of the probes must comply with the guidelines for monitoring probes.

List of probes

Probe page is accessible from the menu on the left side. The page is shown in the image below. The list shows the name of the probe, number of available versions, package that contains the probe, and short description.

SuperAdmin Probe

Probe details

By clicking the probe's name, the user is redirected to the particular probe page (example shown in figure below).

SuperAdmin Probe Details


All the fields but the checkbox are mandatory:

  • Name - unique name of the probe. The probe is named after the executable file (leaving out the extension);
  • Version - automatically filled from information on package (probe version is the same as the package version);
  • Package - autocomplete field where user may pick among the defined packages;
  • Repository - url for probe repository;
  • Documentation - url for probe documentation;
  • Description - text description describing the probe's purpose;
  • Comment - free text comment on the probe's version.

If Update metric templates is checked, and probe version is changed, associated metric templates are going to automatically be updated to the newer version of the probe, and corresponding metric template history entry is going to be created.

List of metric templates associated to probe

At the bottom of the page is shown a list of metric templates associated to the chosen probe.

Probe cloning

If Clone button is clicked, a new form is opened with fields filled according to the values in the source probe. The version comment of probe created by cloning contains the name of the probe it was cloned from (example in figure below).

Cloned Probe History

Probe history

By clicking History button one can see all the available probe versions, as shown in the image below.

SuperAdmin Probe History

The user may see particular version of the probe by clicking on its version, and see the differences between two versions by choosing the versions and clicking Compare button.